Gavyn Sky Studios

‘My art is designed to create a physical reaction within the viewer. The colors and textures generate images and feelings that hypnotize, captivate and consume with seemingly no end. My paintings reveal an unparalleled depth of passion and energy that gives the viewer an insight into an artistic world they have never seen before.’ ~Gavyn Sky


If your looking for a “ONE OF A KIND, TOP OF THE LINE” piece of Art for a fair price then you have come to the right place! Every painting is of the highest quality and cannot be reproduced or even photographed good enough to make prints. Gavyn’s main focus is to have something for everyone. Whether it’s completely Abstract with WILD colors or a more traditional Abstract with a theme, he believes that you should not have to “break the bank” to own a quality original piece of art. Each painting is custom made from the frame up, so he offers every size imaginable. There are paintings that are not quite as involved as others too. He has done this in what he calls a “multiple stage process”. By altering certain mediums and techniques he can create up to 4 stage pieces. A Double Layer or “Stage 2″ painting is like 2 paintings on 1 canvas. Triple layers are called “Stage 3″ and so on. Every stage a piece is, reflects in it’s price. Therefore, size also matters. He does try to stay competitive and affordable comparatively, even though no other artists have ever done or ever will do what he can do. My best advice for anyone looking to invest in fine art is to DO YOUR RESEARCH. Go to fine art Galleries and see what the prices are, see the quality of these pieces, note the size for price, read about the artists and then come back here and give us a call. If you don’t see what your looking for, you can always special order a single piece or 20! We do everything from entire hotels, to that perfect piece above your mantle. Whether it’s large scale commercial projects on a tight budget, a sofa sized dream world or a small piece you just want to give a loved one, we have or can make what you need! We also make custom canvases that are completely blank. Made with custom cut Hardwood Poplar, hand built and stretched with quality Double primed canvas, these canvases are designed for Extreme painting by a professional artist or anyone who wants to do there own creativity! Custom made canvases are built like no other and can handle anything from massive amounts of texture and paint to the soft stroke of a fan brush. Any size, anytime. Prices vary but they run into the hundreds depending on the size and shipping rates. Call us for a free quote if you just want a really awesome blank canvas. So if you’re ready to learn more, take the next step and visit the “TECHNIQUES” page and see what makes a Gavyn Sky painting even more unique!